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Hammer’s new 2014 Deadly AIM Primer Hybrid Ten-Back Core
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Hammer’s new 2014 Deadly AIM Primer Hybrid Ten-Back Core


Artikelnummer: HMDEADAM / b356

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Deadly Aim Features:

Put today’s TOUGHEST bowling ball in your hand with Hammer’s new Deadly Aim! Deadly Aim features a new Flex-Resin poured Dead-Center core system that posi-tions a super-dense mass near the center of the ball, creat-ing better energy flow throughout the ball. Then we rein-forced the outer core with one of most durable products in the world, Carbon-Fiber, to create extreme energy recoil upon impact at the pins. With that increased reinforce-ment, Hammer’s been able to set the industry standard on quality and durability by introducing a new 3-year Manu-facturer’s Warranty on Deadly Aim. Power. Durable. TOUGH. Hammer.

Schale: Primer Hybrid
Kern: Ten-Back Core
Oberfläche: 500 / 1000 / 2000 / 4000 Abralon Polished w/Powerhouse Clean n´Sheen
Farbe: Red/Orange/Yellow
Bahnen Bedingung: medium to heavy
RG.: 2.49
Diff.: .054
Mass Bias: .008

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